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This article will show you how you can rearrange and remove your listing images through your iPad. Click here if you are using an iPad device.

To start, log into your account. By default, you will see your "Listings" > "All" section. You will see all of your listings indexed in the right column. Tap on the listing that you’re trying to remove photos for.

This will bring you to the main listing page. Next, you will want to tap on the “Photos” tab, located to the left of the listing details. Swipe up to reveal the "Edit Photos" option.

From the listing’s photo library, you can reorder the images by pressing the photo and dragging it according to which order you would like to photo to appear. To remove a photo, tap on the minus or delete " - " symbol on the left side of the banner. After removing the photo from your listing, the changes should sync and save automatically.

Need more help? 

If you have additional questions about editing a listing, let us know at support@openhomepro.com

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