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Many agents like to share and promote their listings before their open house. There are different processes on how to do this depending on the device you’re using. This article will walk you through how to share listings directly through OpenHomePro.com

When logged into your account through OpenHomePro.com, you have the ability to share your listings on Facebook, Twitter or by using the listing URL.

First, you will want to go to www.openhomepro.com and sign in to your account with your username and password. On the main Listings page, scroll to the listing you want to share.


To share the listing on your Facebook page, click the “Like” below the listing photo. You'll then be taken to either a “Facebook Login” or “Share on Facebook” pop-up window. 

Next, choose the appropriate profile or page on Facebook that you would like to share the listing to.

This is particularly helpful if you are trying to share your listing on your Facebook business page rather than your general Facebook profile. Once selected, click on “Post” to share the listing.


To share the listing on your Twitter page, click the “Tweet” button.

You'll then be taken to a pop-up window where you can log in (if need be) and tweet the link for your listing. When you’re ready to share the listing, click on the “Post” button in the pop-up window. 

Listing URL

To access the listing URL, click on the "Manage Listing" button, and navigate to the Property Details tab. 

When scrolling down the screen, you will see the Property Listing URL above the Description box. By sharing the listing URL through other venues, such as through email, you can promote your listing and open house.

Need more help? 

If you have additional questions about editing a listing, let us know at support@openhomepro.com

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