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2.1. iPad

There are different processes on how to do this depending on the device you’re using, so be sure to scroll to the correct instructions for your device. This article will walk you through how to make changes to your existing listings using your iPad device. Click here if you are using an Android device.

To begin, select “All” under Listings in the control menu towards the left. This will bring you to an index of all of your listings. Tap on the listing that you’re looking to edit.

You can edit any of the listing’s attributes by simply tapping on the category that you’re trying to edit (such as Price or Property Type). Here, you can type in what you’re trying to change the category to. For example, let’s say you wanted to change the price. You would need to first click on the current price to edit it.
After tapping on the price field, you are then going to be brought to a screen where you can type in the new price. Once you’ve typed in the price you’re looking to change the listing to, select “Done”. This information, like all of the other attribute fields, will be saved automatically.

If you would like to update the status of the listing, tap on the field in the top right that displays the listing’s current status. Here, you will be able to change the status to any of the options presented in the pop-up menu.

Keep in mind, that the visitors will receive an automated email to alert them of any status changes you make to the listing through the app but you can turn this off from your Email settings.

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