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1.5. Necessary Data Connection needed when using Open Home Pro®

The Open Home Pro® app uses a 3G, 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi data connection to sync your leads, listings, and settings to the Open Home Pro app. But what happens when you're at an open house and the property doesn't have an adequate signal?

Luckily, Open Home Pro® is designed to work seamlessly when you're offline. All of the leads you collect are stored on your device until the next time you sync. If you have a data connection during your open, syncing happens automatically after each lead is collected. If you're offline, you should manually sync after you're back in an area with a data connection.

We recommend making sure you are logged into the app before you leave for an open house. We also recommend manually syncing with the Open Home Pro® app - even if you had a connection during the open - immediately after every open house. This ensures the following:

  • All your leads will available to manage on the Open Home Pro® web site.
  • Your automated follow-up emails will be sent to your leads in a timely manner.
  • All of your own email reports, such as the Hot Leads Report and Visit Report, will be complete, accurate, and on-time.


For instructions on how to sync please see the following support article.

How To Sync

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