How do I create a listing in Open Home Pro®?


Instructions for iPad Users 



1.  Press the create listing button with your finger in left sidebar.  The icon to look for looks like a plus sign (+).

2.  Input a street address in a format like "1142 Moore Road" and a Zip Code/Postal Code and hit the Create Listing button

3.  Use your finger to select any additional data you wish to add about a listing. For example, tap bedrooms and baths, type of property, or add a more detailed description.

4.  Add pictures of the property by tapping the camera icon, selecting your photos, and hitting done

4.  Share your listing in Facebook and use into your social network to spread the word!

5.  Check out your beautiful listing page by pressing the tools button in the upper right corner and selecting "View Web Listing"- or share your listing via email or Twitter.


Instructions for Android 



1. To create a listing, Login to Open Home Pro, and select "Create Listing"


2. You will be prompted to enter listing details. Here you can enter your listing's street address and zip code. Select "Save".

3. Now you can add additional information about your listing including: photos, price, bedroom count, bathroom count, type of listing, square footage, status, and description. 

4. To add photos, tap on the "Add Photo" button. You will be prompted to select a picture from your gallery or to take a photo with your device's camera.

5. To add listing details, tap in the boxes highlighted below and update.

6. Your listing is now complete and you're ready to begin your Open House!

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