How do I rearrange or delete a photo in the app? (iPad only)


Instructions for iPad 
If you would like to rearrange or delete a photo in the app:
1.Tap the camera icon, and you'll see a menu pop up with the options: "Photo library", "Camera", and "Edit Photos". Select "Edit Photos". 
2. Your photos will be displayed. Next to each photo, there will be a red circular button on the left, and three grey lines on the right.
3. To rearrange the order of your photos, simply press the three grey lines on the right side of the image and move it around to change the display order.
4. To delete photos, tap the red button on the left. Tap the "Delete" button and it will remove the selected photo from your listing.
Currently Android users can only rearrange or delete photos on the Open Home® Pro Website.
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