How do I upload and change photos on the Open Home Pro® website?


If you'd like to add, rearrange or delete photos on the Open Home Pro® website:

1. Login to the

2. Find the listing you want to manage and click the blue Manage Listing button

3. Select the "Photos" section, and then Choose Additional Photos: 


 4. From here, you can drag and drop photos into the uploader, Choose Photos to navigate to folder on your computer's hard drive, or link directly to a photo URL or to your Facebook account to access your photos. 

Please be sure to only use photos for which you have permission to use. 

You can select more than one photo to drag and drop, but once you have be sure to press the Done button to actually save the photos: 


 You can also link to your Facebook account to access photos shared on Facebook. Choose the Facebook icon on this page to link your Facebook account to our photo upload app. 
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